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River Valley Goodnight

Real Estate drone shots -A Small Community Town

Documentary Promo  -Psychopathy

This promo piece ran as an educational tool for a guest speaker promoting her book.

Demo Reel

New demo reel coming soon!

Fun Party Invite

When a regional corporate business owner retired, he had us create a VIDEO INVITATION to his new lake house. BTW: He does not own music rights.

Our Story in Video Stills!

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Story Part 1    ART IN EVERY VIDEO.

My interest in media began waaaaaay back. If it was visual, I learned quickly and liked to collaborate with people. Creating digital content is a great way to combine the components of life in which I thrive with artistic form in every video. I want that portfolio video as often as possible. A well composed and balanced shot benefits me, you  and you the client.

Story Part 2   DRONES IN AIR!

Taking to the skies...  Drones make aerial flight. Aerial flight creates tremendous raw photos and powerful 4K videos. I embrace this manner of imagery. Like the twilight photo (below), The more a client can 'feel' for the community, its surroundings, or the product itself, the more apt they feel that desire to give it a chance. Very effective!


The Twilight Video...  This has become my current favorite video challenge. This shows a video still of a property with a warm and cozy feeling for this home at dusk. There is only a small window of time to shoot a video like this, advanced set up and readiness will make this a money shot for you, your product and your client.  


Story Part 4     LET'S DO SOME VIDEO! 

My background in cinematography, teaching and editing video easily leads me to all the diverse types of video which can be created. 

This still is a frame grab from a video shot locally.

If you are looking for a solid, creative loyal Video-person, Paul Hardt and Six Toed Cinema are the way you want to go. For content creation, Paul and crew will deliver it all… They will Produce: Write, Research, Brainstorm, Shoot, Edit and DELIVER your product on time.

Duane Dow

Producer -Duane Dow SPORTS

I am pleased with the quality, his knowledge of production, his easy going personality, and how these are not just "videos" to him or "just a job", but he truly takes pride in his work and builds a heartfelt connection with each project he finishes.

Thank you Paul Hardt!

Jonathan Shienkop

Owner -Ergo Impact

Ever since the first project Paul has continued to refine and expand our product line. He was one of a few people who saw what I was trying to accomplish and devoted a lot of time and effort to assist me and make it possible. To own businesses in Key West, Florida takes a lot of hard work and a no nonsense vision of what it takes to be successful.

Clay Greager

Author, Entrepreneur, Businessman

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